Carney Kid Lit August 2016: Delightful Picture Books

It’s no secret…I love books.  And I’ve worked hard to instill a love of literature in my wee ones, I have.  I firmly believe in the benefits of early literacy.  But also?  We go to the library a lot just plain because I love the library.  I read to them most often because it calms me down; I suppose it helps them too.  Other parents take their children other places they themselves love.  Other parents engage in other activities to calm themselves down.

We pass down that which we love.

So I read books to my children that I love.  I screen books at the library, flipping through pages, rejecting, discarding, selecting.  It has to sing, I have to enjoy the cadence of the words.  Or be transfixed by the illustrations.  Or have my breath stolen by the message.

I just have to like it.  I have to like reading it.

If there’s one area of my life that is most consistently passive-aggressive (and please join me in hoping there aren’t many), it’s surrounding my children’s personal book selections.  I have been known to tell Graham: “Fine, you can get those Scooby Doo/Lego Ninjago/Star Wars books, but they are only to LOOK AT.  Mommy will NOT read them to you.”  You guys. I know.  But those t.v. spin off monstrosities are like nails on the chalkboard to read.

If there’s one area of my life in which I most continuously adopt a juvenile “told you so” attitude (and please no asking my husband if there are others), it involves book recommendations I make for my children.  Madalyn JUST CANNOT EVEN regarding how many times I’ve said the following to her:  “Do you remember how you didn’t think you’d like the Harry Potter series??  Do you?? Do you remember how I had to FORCE you to read it?  You wouldn’t even carry the first book out of the library!  So don’t you think you should TRUST my book recommendations now?  Don’t you?”  I’ll create a GoFundMe for her therapy so y’all can donate.  Promise.

Each week I’m going to share three Carney Kid Lit books with you that sing to me.  I’ll include the links, and I do make a few pennies off click-through purchases to fund our library fines.  But by all means, rack up fines of your own and hit up your local branch as I most often do…passive-aggressive/told-you-so attitude optional.

First up,  Peanut Butter & Cupcake! by Terry Border.  Gabe & I were reading through the (entire) children’s section at Barnes & Noble whilst waiting for midnight to strike and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to grace us with its presence when we stumbled upon this gem.  I’m in love with the whole things:  the creative visual elements, the repetitive text, the adorable ending.  Delightful.  Also, it might make you want a cupcake with sprinkles.  You’ve been warned.

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Barnett.  Oh, this book.  It’s created to be experienced, so I don’t want to say too much, I’ll leave it at this:  I’ve read this book in professional sales meetings.  *You* need the story and the message; your children will squeal with each page turn.  It’s therapy, entertainment and sheer joy all wrapped up into one binding.

My Dad Is Big And Strong BUT… by Coralie Saudo  Ok, ok, ok (jumping up and down, clapping hands), so here’s what you do with this one.  Pajama kids, brush teeth and then hand it to Daddy to read. Sit close by to watch the fun unfold.  Have camera ready.  Report back with results.

That’s it for this week!  I can’t wait to hear your feedback…please let me know if you explore any of these selections!  Do your kids have any favs the Carney kids should be reading?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sara says:

    EEEK! Loooove this all the ways, and I can’t wait to get to the library to pick them up. I too allow the kids to pick out those atrocious tv spin-off books in exchange for me getting to pick out titles I like – and I definitely won’t read that stuff.

  2. Adrianne says:

    Beautifully written Laura! I too have an infatuation, a love affair with books, especially children’s books! I fall in love with illustrators, with poets, with fairy tellers, and folk tellers! I fell in love with the boy who refuses to grow up and the hooked man and I think we own at least 20 copies of various stories of Peter Pan! My favorite two classes in college were my two children’s lit classes. Literally our homework everyday was to read a children’s book and create a magical lesson to accompany it!! Seriously books and crafts, be still my heart!! No wonder we are friends. Btw want to start a book club for children’s books for adults??!?? Lol! We definitively could not have an excuse for not finishing the book!

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